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Ueda Thoughts

私の上田に考えこと・My Thoughts on Ueda

上田 V.S. 錦戸・Ueda V.S. Nishikido
It seems that Ryo Nishikido from Kanjani8 has something against Ueda. I think it started with a question he put to Ueda on a Shounen Club episode: "What are you trying to be, Ueda?". He explained later in an interview with Kame what he meant by that, saying that Ueda always wore spikes and chains and bleached his hair blonde as if he was trying too hard to be someone else. He meant his question in a spiteful way, bringing Ueda down in front of everyone.
Kame defended his band-mate by saying: "I don't want you to say things like that to Ueda from now on. He's a fragile boy and it hurts his feelings. Especially since Ueda doesn't know what he wants to become, or the image he wants to have. It makes him feel bad, so please don't say that to him anymore." Even after Kame said that to him, Nishikido continued to target Ueda with cruel comments and questions. Once in a NEWS interview, he was asked which Jr he disliked the most. He said Ueda, actually stating: "I hate Ueda."
After a while of continuing bad feelings between the two of them (although Ueda never said or did anything mean back to him), they both came onto a Shounen Club "Letter Corner" to address each other in front of everyone. Nishikido said in his speech that he's sorry his "poison tongue sometimes hurts Ueda's weak and fragile heart" (which I thought sounded so sarcastic). That was their public "make-up" scene, after which Ueda still doesn't seem so keen on Nishikido.
What I want to know is, why does Nishikido hate Ueda so much? What did he ever do to him? I get the feeling KAT-TUN aren't too happy with how he's treated Ueda (especially by the looks on their faces when hearing Nishikido's comments). Me and my friends are on their side. We don't like the way Nishikido treats our peaceful, sweet Ueda. While NEWS and Kanjani8 are fine by us, Ryo Nishikido is now on our hate list.


上田と「SPIN」・Ueda and "SPIN"
不思議な「SPIN」は誰ですか?たくさんのKAT-TUNの歌が書いています。「Le Ciel」や「Destiny」や「GOLD」の日本語の歌詞など書いた。噂は上田はSPINと話。って言うことで、上田は「Le Ciel」のフランス語の歌詞も書いた。それは可能、上田はフランス語と英語が分かるだから。
Who is this mysterious "SPIN", who writes so many of KAT-TUN's songs? He wrote "Le Ciel", "Destiny", the Japanese lyrics in "GOLD", and more I can't remember. I heard in a Japanese Johnny's fan forum that they're pretty sure Ueda wrote both the lyrics and music to "Le Ciel", which would make him both "SPIN" and "Akihito" from the credits. It would make sense Ueda being SPIN, because he speaks or is learning French as well as English, and so could well have written the French lyrics in "Le Ciel".
But then there is the question about the other aliases credited to writing KAT-TUN's songs. Among them are "Satomi", "Makoto ATOZI" and "Erykah", as well as many names written in Japanese that I can't quite make out (but, suspiciously, many of them seem to share the same Kanji character that is in Ueda's name, without acutally saying "Ueda Tatsuya"). Who are all these? Ueda actually said in a recent interview that he directs KAT-TUN's music, and also that Jin writes more of their songs than he lets people know. So which pen-names belong to which band member? Perhaps we'll never know.

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