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KAT-TUN Profiles

The members

名前・Name                                             亀梨和也・Kazuya Kamenashi
生年月日・Date of birth                       1986年2月23日
出身地・Birthplace                                東京都 (Tokyo)
身長、体重・Height, Weight                 171cm 52kg
足のサイズ・Shoe size                         26.5cm
好きな女の子のタイプ・Type of girl    特にない 好きになった人が好き (No particular type - he'll just like the person he comes to like.)
MAY '05 - Right now Kame is obsessed with health clubs and bathing. He sometimes goes to bed in animal costumes (~_~;). He thinks that eyes are the most important feature of a person, and could fall in love with someone if they had a nice enough scent/perfume.
OCT '05 - What Kame says he has to offer a girlfriend: He will heal her physically and emotionally, they will have an exciting relationship, they can bathe together, and he will trim her eyebrows. (0_0)
名前・Name                           赤西仁・Jin (Hitoshi) Akanishi
生年月日・Date of birth                       1984年7月4日                          
出身地・Birthplace                                 東京都 (Tokyo)
身長、体重・Height, Weight                  175.6cm 56kg
足のサイズ・Shoe size                          26.5cm
好きな女の子のタイプ・Type of girl    セクシー (Sexy)
MAY '05 - At the moment Jin's favourite thing is sleeping. The first thing he notices about girls are their lips, and he dislikes "scandalous" clothing.
OCT '05 - What Jin says he has to offer a girlfriend: Nice friends for her to meet, he'll try his best for her, he'll go wherever she wants to go, and she'll be able to sleep with him.


For those of you who can't read kanji, here is the translation of the writing above the individual member's photos:
生年月日 - D/O/B
身長 - Height
体重 - Weight
足のサイズ - Shoe Size
血液型 - Blood Type

「U」の上田竜也のプロフは「All about Ueda」の中に (左)
For "U", Ueda Tatsuya's profile, see "All about Ueda" (at the left)

We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.