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Fun Stuff

Here there are going to be quizzes, games, jokes, etc.

Put KAT-TUN on your letters, stickers, t-shirts, reminders boards... anywhere! I'm gradually making a bunch of cool stationary that you can print out and use.

Created by me, based on the member's lists of likes and dislikes when it comes to girls. I've tried to make it as accurate as possible, so if you don't cheat you should get a reliable idea of who would fall in love with you. Who did I get? I'm not telling...
Just for fun. Don't get offended by the results, please. You might get one saying you're a Johnny's stalker or a really hentai fan, but then again you might get a nice result. Try it out.

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Click on "Send an e-card" to choose and customize an Ueda or KAT-TUN e-card to send to your friends.

A bigger choice of u-cards to be added soon. Ideas for cards can be posted in the guestbook.

We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.