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A petition for KAT-TUN to hold international concerts.

今たくさん外国ではKAT-TUNはとても人気ですから、World Tour したら外国人のファンは嬉しいです。たくさん、たくさん外国人のファンがそう思っています。この請願はKAT-TUNのインターナショナル・ツアーの為です。ここにサインを見てください。人々はどんな国に住んでいるが買いました。2006年9月から初めて、サインを増す時に音楽会を求めている外国がこのページをリストします。

We all want KAT-TUN to hold a concert in our own country, don't we? Well, since there are so many of us from so many different countries, I think what we really need is for KAT-TUN to do an international tour. They could visit all the countries with enough fans living there, and really go worldwide. This is a petition for KAT-TUN to tour the world and hold concerts in our countries, so I need everyone to sign it and write which country they live in. If we get enough signatures, the petition will be translated into Japanese and sent to KAT-TUN. So sign, sign, sign! Get your friends to sign, and post the petition on your websites, blogs and forums! Let's get KAT-TUN to come to our countries and boost their fame worldwide!

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Help KAT-TUN make it world wide! Sign the petiton!

We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.