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Live Videos

Live Videos Page 1 - DIRECT DOWNLOADS

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KAT-TUN request clips medley (SC20060319) 65.7MB
The screencaps above show the songs included in the medley. NOTE: These are not all performed on the same date. They are clips of past Shokura performances put together like a medley. Right click and "save as..." to download the video.

From the brand new Real Face Concert DVD!

Shounen Club Premium - PEAK live 2007.03

KAT-TUN Kamenashi Kazuya KAT-TUN Akanishi Jin KAT-TUN Taguchi Junnosuke KAT-TUN Tanaka Koki KAT-TUN Ueda Tatsuya KAT-TUN Nakamaru Yuichi KAT-TUN Debut KAT-TUN Real Face KAT-TUN Best of KAT-TUN KAT-TUN Johnny's Jr KAT-TUN J-pop KAT-TUN download KAT-TUN live KAT-TUN video KAT-TUN kattun KAT-TUN ueda

このテレビの番組から・From the following TV shows:
SC = 少倶楽部・Shounen Club
MS = Music Station
PJ = Pop Jam
HIP = Hippare
MTV = みんなのテレビ・Minna no Terebi
CON = 音楽会・Concert
DB = Dream Boy
YYY = Ya-Ya-Yah
UW = Utawara Hit Hot

Thanks to a very very kind visitor, I now have online storage for my uploads (thanks again Diana! *hug*). So I'm gradually uploading my videos and stuff to her server. Just right click and "Save Target As..." to download any of the files below. If you can't find the video you want below, then try the "Videos Page 2", where there's still a list of Megaupload links.

Special download!
Shounen Club episode 2006.04.16 - KAT-TUN parts only
Theme: KAT-TUN
Features: KAT-TUN MC, solo medley, Maru MC, Koki & Maru's "One on One", Jin & Ueda's "Butterfly", KAT-TUN guessing game, ending "Real Face".
(This one isn't English subbed as requested, but I'm currently translating it in the hope of subtitling it later on. For now, enjoy the great show.)

Scroll down for more direct dowloadable videos with screencaps.

I'm going to start building up my English subbed collection now. All translations and subtitles are made by me (except for the translation of "Hoshikuzu no Spangles", which I got from somewhere ages ago that I can't remember). All of them are "right click, save target as" downloads, unless otherwise stated.
Love in Snow [CON] Ueda solo 2005 (left click to download from Megaupload)
NEW! Pinky [CON] Jin solo 2006 (High-quality)

Real Face MS 2006.10.03
AVI video - 46.2MB

Six Senses on UTAWARA live

Kamenashi Kazuya
Performance from "Dream Boys" Musical

Shounen Club 2004.05.02 (Kame & Jin)

KAT-TUN vs Kanjani8 (Drive me drive on) 2002

Shounen Club 2004.04.11 (feat. Imai Tsubasa)

Shounen Club 2003.09.07

Shounen Club 2002??

Shounen Club 2002??

Shounen Club 2004.05.02 (Kame & Jin)

Shounen Club 2003.11.09

Feat. clips of KAT-TUN in concert

Shounen Club 2004.05.02 (Jin solo)

Shounen Club 2004.02.15

Shounen Club 2003.11.09

Shounen Club 2004.02.08

Shounen Club 2004.01.11

Shounen Club 20040428 (Kame & Jin)

Shounen Club 2003.09.14

Shounen Club 2004.04.11

Shounen Club 2003.11.09 (Kame vs TTUN)

Concert 2002 (feat. Ya-Ya-Yah)

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