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Questions and problems will be answered here.

Q. MEGAUPLOADからダウンロードすることを助けてください。
A. このスクリーンの写真を見てください。その上の右側の箱に左の字母三つを入れて、「Download」をクリックしてください。
Q. Where did you get your information? (e.g. member facts, etc.)
A. All the information on my site I've collected over the three years I have known KAT-TUN. Some comes from Japanese magazines (Myojo, Duet, Popolo), some I learned from TV shows (Shounen Club, Music Station, Minna no Terebi). I only write what KAT-TUN or their company have actually said themselves - no rumours or fan gossip.

Q. Why aren't some of the downloads working?
A. When no one downloads a particular video for a while, the link expires. I'll have to re-upload the expired videos. Please be patient.
Q. How do I get the phone wallpapers onto my phone?
A. There are a few different ways. You might want to buy a bluetooth dongle if your phone supports bluetooth (ask in any phone shop). If you have that, you will be able to save the image from the page and download it onto your phone. If you don't have bluetooth, connect to the internet on your phone and enter the exact address of the image you want (e.g. if you want the Moon Jin wallpaper). It should download it from there.
Q. The ".avi" files don't work on my media player. What do I do?
A. If you have the latest Windows Media Player, avi files should play ok. But some of them use different codecs, so a few might still not work. I'd suggest you try the latest version, and if it doesn't work you can download DivX player for free.
Q. Why are all the downloads "Megaupload"?
A. I use "Megaupload" to upload the videos for my site because it's free and the link doesn't expire after a limited time. It's a bit slower than "YouSendIt", and harder to navigate, but I have to use "Megaupload" so that the downloads won't expire.
UPDATE: Some downloads are now direct (just right click and "save as..."). This is thanks to a kind visitor who gave me a folder to upload my stuff onto her server. I'm aiming to upload all the Megaupload stuff to it eventually, but it'll take time.
Q. How do I download from your site?
A. Left click on the download link. It will open a new window where "Megaupload" will appear. Just look to the right hand corner for the button that is counting down from 40. Once it gets down to 1, a pop-up should appear. Just close that and then you'll be able to left click on the button and the download will start. (See screencap below)

Wait for the timer to get down to 0, then click to download.

Questions can be posted in the guestbook or in the new Cbox on the main page.

We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.