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Koki's Page

This is my little page for Koki Tanaka

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- Rapping
- Lyric writing
- Dancing
- Singing
- Guitar
- Break dancing
- English

                           illustration of his own room

Koki is known as merely "the rapper". But behind his cool, sometimes scary act, Koki has a big adorable personality. While the other members concentrate so hard on acting mature and serious, Koki keeps KAT-TUN light-hearted. He puts on a big show of craziness to make people smile, making faces and doing silly actions on stage.
Off-camera he is a warm and gentle person (this is agreed by the other members of KAT-TUN), who loves animals with such a passion that he wants to someday live surrounded by them. He wants a big family, because he loves children, and wants a wife he can spoil rotten. One of his hobbies is actually reading wildlife books!
Koki loves the US and speaks quite a lot of English. Any English you hear in his raps is always written by him, and with interesting phrases like "the die is cast", he's pretty impressive. He loves to write lyrics, though people often ignore his intelligent and unique lyrics because he raps them.
Nakamaru is his best friend, although before KAT-TUN were formed they barely ever spoke. The two of them seem to share a kind of private friendship that isn't easily noticed by outsiders, since both of the boys are private types of people. But off-camera Koki is an affectionate person, and Nakamaru recieves most of his affections.
Koki also has an odd kind of obsession with Jin. In the 2003 rap "SIX GROOVE", he wrote about Jin: "He has a dirty body and a sexy voice...". And when Jin dressed up as a nurse for the KAT-TUN Clinic sketch, Koki wrote a poem saying "your nurse uniform made my heart 'hira-hira'." He thinks Jin makes a very sexy woman, and was also quoted as saying that if he had to choose a member of KAT-TUN to be his lover, it would be Jin. ;-_-
That doesn't mean Koki is gay, though. A while ago he was dating a sexy female model, even though it was against the company rules. When they ended up breaking up, his reason was: "It was based on lust and not love." Although Koki likes sexy women (and has a thing for breasts), he is a great believer in true love and wants to marry the right woman someday. She has to be a big lover of kids and animals to fit in with his dream, and he has an appealing fate in store for the lucky girl: "I'll go anywhere for her, do anything for her, whatever she wants. If she said she wanted something from a place miles away, I'd get on a train right away and go get it for her."
Are you Koki's lucky girl? Try this quiz and see!


The fun's just beginning as the weekend approaches...

This page will continue to be expanded. Please keep checking back for updates.

We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.