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Review - KAT-TUN3 20050806

This is for English people who don't understand Japanese TV shows very well. Just a brief guide to the 06/08/2005 "KAT-TUN3" show, where one lucky girl goes on a date with each of the boys and has to choose her favourite.

The lucky girl

(NOTE: Anything in "quote marks" is a translation of what was actually said in the show. Some things I couldn't understand 100% so I'll just give you the general gist of it.)
In this episode, each member of KAT-TUN have to go on a "serious date" with a 23 year old girl. They each have to come up with a "date plan" for how they want it to go and what kind of feeling they want the date to capture. After all six dates, the girl (named Megumi) will have to choose one of them that won her heart by 1) the place he took her, 2) the present he bought her, and 3) the talent he showed her.
KAT-TUN come to Yokohama, which they're pleased to be in. They think they're going to have fun (by themselves, I think), but then the presenter comes along and says: "No, no, no, it's not like you think..." He then asks if they want to meet a very cute girl with which they can spend some friendly time with. Ueda shouts: "I want to! I want to!", and so does someone else in the background, but Jin and Kame look a bit unsure. Then the presenter says: "You're each going to go on a date with the same cute girl." Ueda jumps around in delight, while everyone else have huge grins on their faces. Jin comes up to the camera and just laughs into it.

Jin hears he's going to go on a date

     As it goes in the order of the letters K-A-T-T-U-N, Kame is up first. He looks pretty nervous as he's waiting for Megumi to arrive, even doing a little practice of: "Ahem. Ahem, good morning..." (so adorable!). He tells the camera that while he's very nervous around girls, he wants on this date for he and the girl to try a hand-craft activity. Then suddenly Megumi comes walking towards him and he goes: "Seriously? Is she for real?", clearly impressed by this cute older girl. They introduce themselves, and then:
MEGUMI: "What do they call you?"
KAME: "They just call me 'Kamenashi'."
MEGUMI: "Can I call you 'Kame-chan'?" (NOTE: '-chan' is a very familiar term normally used to address friends, mostly by girls) "It makes me happy having a '-chan' added to names. You can call me 'Megu-chan'.
KAME: "Megu-chan."
MEGUMI: "Kame-chan."
     Once that's settled, they start off walking towards the place Kame's picked for them. On the way they have a conversation about high-school. Kame reveals that he only attended high-school for one year, after which he went straight into work. Megumi asks if he used to date in high-school, but Kame says he never did (I actually think he said "I don't date", rather than "I didn't date").
     They come to the Yokohama shopping mall (see on map where the little "K" is pointing to), and Kame takes her straight to a special shop. It's a place where you can design and create your own t-shirts. Kame tells her the plan is that he makes one for her, while she makes one for him. They split up and go off to create the t-shirts. Kame chooses a pink t-shirt, while she picks a black one for him. Kame's design for her is "I love heart" in a cutesey sequin heart style, with an american flag style heart on the back. Megumi can't find a 'K' and so she ends up writing "CAME" for his name across his t-shirt, with a little sign that says "DO IT NOW" and a strawberry (??). On the back it reads "All my love" with the same american heart that Kame used for hers. When they show their t-shirts to each other they both say: "How cute!".
MEGUMI: "Please wear this."
KAME: "Please wear mine. I'll wear yours... I'll wear it in my concert."
MEGUMI: "Really? Will you really?"
KAME: "I really will. Seriously."

Kame and Megumi exchanging t-shirts

     Then it comes to Ability Time, when Kame has to show Megumi his best talent. Guess what he chooses? Baseball. If you've ever seen Kame play baseball you'll understand completely why he chose that for his talent. He's so good! Megumi doesn't seem overly impressed, especially after he misses the first throw (he's aiming to knock over a can from 10 metres away). Then on the second try he gets a hit, and Megumi says: "Wow! Cool!". Kame excuses his first failure by saying that it's harder than it looks with the hurdle being so far away, but Megumi says it's still really cool.
     After that it's Kame's time over. I don't know how long they each got with Megumi, but it didn't seem very long. Kame's present to her was the pink t-shirt he made, and he's wearing the one she gave to him as they're saying goodbye:
KAME: "Today was really fun. But it was kinda short, wasn't it?"
MEGUMI: "It was, wasn't it?"
KAME: "Don't you think it was really short? ...Well, this (the t-shirt) I'll definately wear. Please wear yours."
MEGUMI: "I'll really wear it."
KAME: "I'll wear mine all the way home."
MEGUMI: "Seriously?"
KAME: (I didn't get all of this) "I'll wear it like this when I go to work."
MEGUMI: "Well, thank you for today."
KAME: "Thank you."
     When she walks off, Kame says: "Ah... I was so nervous... But it was fun." He returns to the studio, where the presenter who set them up is. Kame comes in telling him how nervous he was, and the presenter says: "But it turned out all right, didn't it?". Kame replies, "Ah, but I found it so difficult! I was so nervous!" Then he shows him his t-shirt. "This is so cute, isn't it? I'll really wear it."

     Next up is Jin, and he looks even more nervous than Kame. It shows an earlier interview with him, where he's saying he has no idea who the girl is going to be. I think he says as well: "It'll be okay if I'm nervous when I do it, right?"
     When he hears her approach and say hello, he looks like he's going to cry or wet himself. The intro is your basic "nice to meet you" one, after which Jin lets out a big nervous laugh. Megumi says how nerve-wracking the situation is, and he agrees. Then they're off, walking across the bridge.
MEGUMI: What do people call you?
JIN: It's Jin.
MEGUMI: Jin? How do you spell "Jin" in kanji (Chinese characters)?
JIN: Umm...
MEGUMI: "Nin"?
JIN: Ah, yeah.
MEGUMI: You know, my real name is spelt with "nin" as one of the characters.
JIN: Eh? Are you serious?
MEGUMI: I'll call you Jin-kun, and you please call me Megu-chan.
JIN: Okay. Then, I'll call you Megu-chan.
     The place Jin takes her to is called Yokohama Cosmo World, and their first stop is a haunted house. He says something about having been in lots of haunted houses before, but I can't understand him (Jin slurs and mumbles a lot - but he's so cute that I forgive him). If you haven't seen the haunted house bit, then you really have to. It's hilarious. I'll try and upload it sometime, but for now I'll just summarise:
     It's almost totally dark. They can't see a thing. Jin goes in first all bravely, with Megumi whimpering "scary, scary, scary" behind him. The first thing that jumps out at them, they both scream like girls (even though only Megumi is a girl). She laughs at him afterwards because it's her first time in a haunted house, but apparently he's been in lots before. After this he tries to put on a brave face and laugh things off, but really he's just as terrified as Megumi. When the next scary thing jumps out on them, he screams and puts his hands over his ears, bashing into the camera man in his hurry to get away.
     Then they're waiting for the next one, wondering if it's a real human making those scary sounds. They continue on their way through the darkness, both with their fingers in their ears to block all the noises, and mumbling how scared they are. When a hologram of a dead girl flashes up, Jin screams and then says: "I'm such an idiot, such an idiot... Oh, that's enough!" And all of a sudden something big and frightening rushes out at them, and Jin bolts for the door. He actually leaves poor Megumi alone in the dark, and runs for his life! While Megumi clings to the leg of the camera man, Jin comes sheepishly back in to her and pretends to be all jokey and brave. After that they find the exit together. Outside, they say:
MEGUMI: "You've never been to a haunted house before, have you? You were running out before me!"
JIN: (Looking really embarassed) "To be honest, I've never really been actually inside one."
MEGUMI: "Then why did you say you had?"
JIN: "I don't know." (Then he says "Nori de", which I don't understand)
     After that, they go to get their photo taken together as stickers, after which he takes her to the ferris wheel. The narrator says that Jin has a plan. When they get into the little carraige thing all alone for half-an-hour or so going up into the air, Jin takes the opportunity to come and sit next to her. Together they admire the scenery. She asks how old he is. He says "21".
MEGUMI: "When I first saw you, I thought you were about 18."
JIN: Seriously?
MEGUMI: "All of you guys seem very young. But then when I spoke to you, you seemed more mature and grown-up.
     When they get down from the ferris wheel, Jin takes her to a roof cafe where a guitar is waiting. He plays her some of Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven", which he intended to sing as well but got too nervous. He does a very short rendition only on the guitar, and Megumi says it's wonderful (while Kame is watching on a TV screen and laughs that it's such a "compact" version).
     That's all for Jin's date with Megumi, except for a few "thank you"'s and "it was fun"s. When Megumi finally leaves, Jin says the same thing as Kame as his finishing words to the camera: "I was so nervous..."

     Next up is Taguchi. He's standing in a popular Yokohama high street (see map at bottom of page), waiting for his date. "Who is it going to be...?" he says, looking nervous. When Megumi turns up and he says hello, the first thing she does is burst out laughing. Hmm... I don't think she's that impressed by Junno at first glance. But he has a big smile, and he greets her politely, and then he asks: "Are you hungry?"
MEGUMI: Yes, I'm hungry.
TAGUCHI: It's lunchtime, isn't it?
MEGUMI: It is.
TAGUCHI: I know a good place...
MEGUMI: Do you?
TAGUCHI: Let's go.
     On their way to the place, they pass a shop stall that's selling Japanese-style ornaments and souveniers. They notice the unusual human-head piggy banks and have a little look around. After that, the next stop is an open shop-type place that has a basin on a stand facing the street.
TAGUCHI: This is really interesting, you know.
MEGUMI: What is it?
TAGUCHI: With this you can hear the voice of a dragon, right? (Shopkeeper says "Yeah")
MEGUMI: Voice of a dragon?!
     The shopkeeper then gives a little demonstration. He puts his hands in the water, and then starts to rub them back and forth over the two bronze handles. The water starts bubbling and making a weird noise just like a dragon's voice. Megumi is very impressed, and Taguchi just grins his big grin, knowing this is all part of his plan. Then the shopkeeper gets the couple to join in. He tells them that the lady always puts her hands on the handles first, and then the man holds her hands so that the two of them together can rub the handles. It's a romantic kind of wish-granter. Back in the studio, watching all this on a TV, Kame, Jin and the presenter are all looking surprised.
PRESENTER: What did he say?
KAME: Touching? They have to be touching? (seems a bit jealous)
     After wetting their hands, Megumi places hers on the handles and then Taguchi puts his over hers.
KAME: That guy's so ero (perverted)! Choosing this...
JIN: Aaa!
     The couple prepare to start, and Taguchi has a huge grin on his face. "Ready..." And they start to rub the handles. It doesn't take long before the water bubbles and makes a "dragon's voice" sound.
MEGUMI: It's working! Sugoi, sugoi, sugoi (cool)!
     Then they stop and take their hands away, and Taguchi says: "That was great..."

Megumi feeding Taguchi

     Next stop is the Shoufukumon, a little restaurant that Taguchi says mostly married couples go to eat at. When they sit down and have a look at the menu, Megumi is impressed by the 35-dish menu. Taguchi chooses a surprise meal for the two of them to share, which is brought out and uncovered for Megumi. It's "hanamaki", something that Taguchi says is "hot-hot". She prepares to start eating.
MEGUMI: You've gone to great troubles for this date, haven't you?
MEGUMI: Say "aa~"...
     In the studio, Kame and Jin are shocked to watch Megumi romantically feed Taguchi with her own hand. Jin shouts: "Hey, hey, hey, hey!" Megumi puts it into Taguchi's mouth and he eats it with a really embarassed look on his face.
TAGUCHI: My cheek is melting~ (Japanese expression for something that's too delicious).
MEGUMI: Hahaha!!
KAME: Hey, wait a minute! Wait a minute! What's up with this lovey-dovey stuff?
TAGUCHI: (Oblivious to the behind-the-scenes ravings) This is all right, isn't it?
MEGUMI: Of course it is. (Rough translation of a difficult sentence here:) People do this kind of thing on dates usually.
TAGUCHI: Can I try doing it?
MEGUMI: For me?
     He lifts up a piece of the food hopefully, wanting to feed her. Megumi starts laughing. Then she opens her mouth and lets Taguchi feed her. In the studio, this makes Jin go crazy:
JIN: Wait! Wait! His thumb actually touched her lip! AAA!!
     At the restaurant, another dish is brought to the couple. This one is "chimaki" (I have no idea what it is, sorry). For this one, Taguchi has prepared something special. Opening it up, Megumi says: "Something is written on it! It's 'yoroshiku'!" In some kind of pink sauce, Taguchi has written a message continuing from his dish onto hers, with a little heart at the end. Both of them together read: "Taguchi wo yoroshiku", which means something like "Be good to Taguchi". He came early to the restaurant kitchen before the date and prepared this romantic (??) message for her.
MEGUMI: You do such adorable things... (and hits him playfully on the shoulder)
     Jin shouts about that one, too. He and Kame seem to be really jealous that Taguchi is getting kind of intimate with her on his first date. I think they wished they had done more things like that on their dates with Megumi (their poor little faces are so cute!). Next Taguchi has to show her his talent. He takes her out to a big grassy place, takes off his jacket and goes: "I'll be right back." He then takes a big run, and begins an amazing multiple backflip acrobatic move. Megumi is so impressed she just keeps shouting: "Eee~!!" and "What kind of boy is he?!" She looks so shocked that all the camera crew start laughing at her.
MEGUMI: That was so cool!
TAGUCHI: Thank you.
MEGUMI: No, thank YOU!
Then it's time for them to part.
TAGUCHI: That's it, then. I hope to see you again.
MEGUMI: Yes, see you again.
     As she walks off and leaves Taguchi alone with his big grin, he turns to the camera, flips his jacket cooly over one shoulder and says: "Wow~ I'm in such a good mood."

TAGUCHI'S PART ADDED 06/07/2006 - Other members to come soon...

The places where each member takes Megumi

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