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Kame's Section

This is my little page for Kamenashi Kazuya


"I want to try making love with a 30 year old woman."
"I am zero-zero with Nakamaru."
"Women are my weakness - I just can't talk to them."

                           illustration of his own room

  • He is an exceptional basball player, even winning in friendly games against professional players (e.g. the Hanshin Tigers).
  • He has two brothers, one older with a daughter, one about 16 years old, and no sisters.
  • Some of his favourite hobbies are baseball, camping, surfing, keep-fit, and swimming.
  • He is very unconfident with women, admitting that he finds it very difficult to talk to them.
  • He is scared of vampires and heights.
  • His best friend is Akanishi Jin, and some of his other friends are Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey & Tsubasa), Tachibana Keita (w-inds), and Domoto Tsuyoshi (KinKi Kids).
  • His type of girl is one who is older than him, slim, physically fit, smells nice, has common sense, is understanding to men's feelings, and has an air of "purity and innocence".
  • His cologne is "Burberry" (I can't remember which one, though).
  • He likes time alone, and could not be with a person 24 hours a day for too many days at a time.
  • He is very determined and likes to try his very best in everything he does.
  • He loves England, Spain and Italy (one of his favourite subjects in school was English).
  • He is a high-school drop-out.
  • When he comes home from work he gets his mother to massage his legs (he often wakes up in the night with leg cramps).
  • He used to get nosebleeds all the time, but not so much anymore.
  • He has a female puppy called "Ran".

Kame is our Friday boy


Kame (the nickname of Kazuya Kamenashi) comes across as the real leader of KAT-TUN. Koki thinks so, too. Kame is the unofficial spokesman, tends to sing more parts than the other members and, of course, his name comes first in the initials "KAT-TUN". What might surprise you, then, is to know that he isn't a very confident person.
When he was talking to Jin about the drama they were about to film (Gokusen 2), both of them confessed that they were very nervous about working with the cast. Jin revealed that he was shy, and that he was worried that the young people wouldn't like him (thinking himself "MAX loud" to an irritating level). Then Kame replied that he was also shy. Jin didn't actually believe him, but Kame went on to explain that he always worries about how he comes across to other people. He also said that he's a solitary person, who finds it difficult to spend too much time with people.
Although Kame comes across on-screen as very confident and self-assured, he is actually a self-conscious person. When he gets nervous he tends to lick his lips - and he does this quite a lot. Ryo Nishikido mistook this habit for Kame trying to be sexy, but Kame told him that he can't help doing it when he's really nervous. He is also a nervous speaker (surprisingly), and spends a lot of time practicing his speech in private. He said that he always forgets to slow down when he speaks, and so he muddles up words. Therefore he practices saying "ka ki ku ke ko, ma mi mu me mo...", etc quickly to train himself not to muddle the letters up.
Kame is very close to his family. His dad always took him to watch baseball games and play together since he was little, so now Kame loves baseball more than anything. His older brother, who is married with a little daughter, let's Kame babysit his child sometimes. Kame loves his niece, and says he is becoming more and more skilful at calming her down when she cries, with gentle kisses. With his mother, Kame relies on her for a lot of things. She wakes him up in the morning, massages him when he is tired from work, and cooks him wonderful meals. Kame, in turn, helps her with the housework and goes shopping for her sometimes. With his little brother, Kame plays baseball with him and affectionately calls him a "little punk" because his throw is better than his own.
One thing that is especially admirable about Kame is his determined spirit. He will try and try again until he gets things right. He is very hardworking and faces his fears head-on. Though he is terrified of heights, he persevered and conquered his fear while performing in Dream Boy and Summary (he had to bungee jump and everything!). Though he is quite shy, he throws himself into groups and is cheerful and friendly. Though he is intimidated by women, he insists that he would not hesitate to grab his girlfriend's hand if she was too shy to hold his. He wants a girl as optimistic and strong-willed as he is, with a pure spirit and a clever mind.
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Screencaps of Kame in the drama "Gokusen 2". Click on the image to see a larger version.



Download "Gokusen 2" episodes here.

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We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.