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Taguchi's Page

Taguchi Junnosuke


  • While KAT-TUN were performing in the theatre production "Dream Boy", Junno sustained a serious back injury in rehearsals. He was in hospital for months and got very lonely. During his stay in hospital he became more humble and less confident in himself. Because the other KAT-TUN members didn't visit him much, he thought no one liked him. But then they came and brought gifts, and soon Junno was recovering well. He managed to overcome his back injury and return to dancing and acrobatics.
  • He didn't use to like Kame, and would complain about him behind his back.
  • He thinks that living together before marraige is the wrong thing to do, and that couples should show commitment.
  • He admires Koichi Domoto from the KinKi Kids.

                                    illustration of his own room


Who says Mondays are bad?

Sorry for the lack of Junno info! I'm working on it!

We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.