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Welcome to "Dear KAT-TUN...", a special site that gives non-Japanese speaking fans of KAT-TUN the opportunity to write messages to them. All you have to do is go to the "Write a Message" page and fill in the form. We will translate your message into Japanese and post it up for KAT-TUN to read.

Bienvenu a "Dear KAT-TUN...", un site special qui donne a les admirateus de KAT-TUN qui ne parlent pas la japonaise le chance a les ecrire leur messages. Tous que vous avez besoin a faire est aller a la page intitulee "write a message" at replir la forme. Nous tradirons votre message en japonais et l'affiche sur le web, et KAT-TUN peut la lire.



PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an official KAT-TUN fan message service. There is no guarantee that the band will be able to read or reply to your messages. If KAT-TUN search for websites about themselves, they will find this site in the Japanese search engines. But even if they do, and read all the messages, they are very busy and might not have time to respond. Please don't be upset if you don't get a reply from them.

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