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Write a Message

Write a message to KAT-TUN!

Please fill in a form below in your own language.
PLEASE NOTE: At the moment we are only able to translate English, Japanese, French and Italian (sorry, but those are the only languages we can speak). If your mother tongue is not one of these, please use English if you can.

NEW! You can now send the link to your photo when you fill in the form. We'll put your picture up next to your translated message for KAT-TUN to see! (Those who have already submitted messages can re-enter their name and email address into another form along with their photo URL and their message will be updated.)

Name = Nom・名前
Photo = Photo・写真
Email/Website = Nom Siteweb ou courrier electronique・メール・サイト 
Country = Paysage・国
Your message to KAT-TUN = Message・メッセージ


Your message will not appear on the "Read the Messages" page straight away. We need time to translate it into Japanese so that KAT-TUN can understand it. Please come back in a few days and your message should be finished.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an official KAT-TUN fan message service. There is no guarantee that the band will be able to read or reply to your messages. If KAT-TUN search for websites about themselves, they will find this site in the Japanese search engines. But even if they do, and read all the messages, they are very busy and might not have time to respond. Please don't be upset if you don't get a reply from them.

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