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This is my little fansite for Tatsuya Ueda of KAT-TUN. Ueda is a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist, and his unique personality has won the hearts of many.
Before their first concert KAT-TUN were all very nervous. One by one the members all said: "Good luck! Let's do our best!" When it was Ueda's turn, he just said:
"I see Fairies."
This made everybody laugh, lightened the mood, and so they went out to do their concert.
As Ueda's fans we are his "Fairies". He believes in us, so we believe in him.


This site began as a fan appreciation page for KAT-TUN's talented "leader", with just a few bits of information, a basic profile and some downloads. Now it's a full-blown KAT-TUN fan site with a growing collection of just about every KAT-TUN related thing. Thank you to all my regulars, and welcome to the new visitors. Because of you, I am encouraged to keep building and improving this site. Keep coming, add me to your favourites, and keep supporting KAT-TUN! Let's keep sailing under Captain Ueda of KAT-TUN!

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KAT-TUN are:
K -亀梨和也-Kazuya Kamenashi
A -赤西仁- Jin (Hitoshi) Akanishi 
T -田口淳之介- Junnosuke Taguchi
T -田中聖- Koki Tanaka
U -上田竜也- Tatsuya Ueda
N -中丸雄一- Yuichi Nakamaru


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We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.