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ライブのほかのビデオ・All non-live videos

Promotional Videos (PV)

SIGNAL PV - right click and save

REAL FACE PV - left click and save

To download: Right click, "save target as...", and then change the file name from "???.wuf" to "???.mpg".

ファンの作ったビデオ・Fan-made Videos

(Right click, "save target as..." to download)
私で作った・Created by me
MPEG file - 50MB
(Same PV as the single version, but with the audio from the album version. I had to cut bits and edit bits and fix the timing, but it worked in the end. Yay!)

小さい上田と妖精のアニメ・Short animated Ueda fairytale video
私で作った・Created by me
AVI file - 12.6MB
(Just a little cartoon I made using Elouai's Doll Maker. It's about Ueda's first time seeing a real fairy. Featuring Maaya Sakamoto's "Park Amsterdam" song.)
Left-click on the link to download from [MEGAUPLOAD].

二つの赤西仁のファンで作ったPV・2 Akanishi Jin Fanmade PVs
私で作った・Created by me
(Highlights of all Jin's grooves, moves, hip-shakes and sexy dances. It's sent Jin fans wild, and created new fans of people who didn't like him before. Download, enjoy, and feel free to use the promotional icons I created for them. Please credit this site if you use any of them, though.)


Akanishi Jin is Living La Vida Loca
Feat. Ricky Martin で 「Livin' La Vida Loca」
[MEGAUPLOAD] Left click here to go to download page
[DIRECT DL] Right click here to save the video


Akanishi Jin ~Sway~
Feat. Michael Bublé で 「Sway」
[MEGAUPLOAD] Left click here to go to download page

亀梨和也のファンで作ったPV・Kamenashi Kazuya Fanmade PV
(Like the Jin PV, but for Kame I focused on his charm and cuteness because I don't think he's as sexy as Jin. He comes across in this video as a cheeky youngster with a hot but boyish body.)
Feat. Queen で 「Don't Stop Me Now」
私で作った・Created by me
[MEGAUPLOAD] Left click here to go to download page

もっとビデオ・More Videos

JPOPSUKI is a great Bittorrent site where I get some big files from (e.g. Kaizokuban concert). Join up, download, and remember to seed afterwards!
LIMEWIRE is a good peer-to-peer program (like WinMX and KaZaA, but without the spyware), and has a lot of KAT-TUN stuff. Download it here and start sharing your KAT-TUN videos and MP3s with fellow fans.
YOUTUBE is a quickly growing video streaming site where you can watch all kinds of videos online. Just type in a keyword like "KAT-TUN" and it gives you a list of videos to watch online.

「みんなのテレビ」 (.aviでビデオ。ダウンロードの為にBittorent又はBitcometがいる)
"Minna no Terebi" episodes (avi format). You can get them from JPOPSUKI (bittorrent or bitcomet required). The following episodes are currently up for download:
Episode date 05/08/17
Episode date 05/07/20
Episode date 05/07/06
Episode date 05/05/18


修二と彰で「青春アミゴ」のPV・Shuuji & Akira's "Seishun Amigo" PV
亀とNEWSの山Pの新しいドラマのテーマ歌・The theme to Kame and YamaP's (NEWS) drama "Nobuta wo Produce".
With English subtitles
Download from [MEGAUPLOAD] link here
Ueda plays Beethoven's "Fur Elise" on the piano! Download it here.
Ueda's Rohto CM! Download it here.

For live performances, go to this page.

We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.