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Maru's Page

Nakamaru Yuichi


  • His nickname is "Yu", so when he went to the first Johnny's audition and Johnny-san called out: "Hey, YOU!" in English, Maru thought: "How does he know my name?!".
  • He also gets called "Yucchi", "Yuichi" and "Maru".
  • He hates being "N" in KAT-TUN because he's last in everything. He thinks people only like his beat-boxing and that apart from that people don't notice him.
  • KAT-TUN always mock him and say "Your wig's on wrong!" and "Why don't you pluck your eyebrows?".
  • He thinks he looks like a koala bear because of his nose.
  • He met his ideal girl in a dream, but he didn't know she was the one at first. He didn't really notice her, but gradually her kindness and friendly attitude won his heart and he fell in love with her after many dreams.
  • He loves strawberries and strawberry picking.

                                    illustration of his own room


Wednesdays suddenly taste so good!

More Maru soon, really! I do love him too!

We are the fairies. We believe in him, because he believes in us.