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Album Review



This was one of their most popular live songs, so we were all really looking forward to the studio version. I don't think it was a disappointment. This track brings out some more instruments - note the interesting bass line in the verses - that were lost in the noise of the fans on the live performances. The lead guitar is definately a step up, too, since a more skillful guitarist seems to have taken over (perhaps it's Ueda?). The vocals are good, KAT-TUN's energy and enthusiasm on stage are channeled successfully into the stuido version, and the new arrangement is pretty nice. A good song to start their first album.
I like the way they kept the little chat-up lines from the live performance. A track that starts with "What's up girls?" has gotta make you smile. What I noticed most about this song, though, was the instrumentation. Live, this song always sounded kinda lacking in instruments. But the studio version has a nice acoustic guitar going on, accompanying the synthesizer and beat, which all mingle in together and compliment the vocals well. The chorus vocals are especially nice. Another thing to be glad about in this version: it has a second verse. Yay! Live songs are never long enough... 
Okay... I didn't like this song when I first heard it. And I didn't like it the second time, either... But the studio version is okay, I have to admit. A bit "Boyz II Men" or something like that, but KAT-TUN do give it their own flavour. Vocals are nicely done (except for a few notes that are just too high for the poor dudes). But Jin keeps songs like this together. His voice flows all around the main vocals like a gentle breeze... Swoon... Also, I like the way the beat changes towards the end when the "you know I like it baby"s come in. I don't love this song, but I kinda like it.
This is the stuff. Yeah. I can't get enough of this song.

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